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Monday, 28-May-2007 21:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Istanbul Holiday Trip

Baru jek sampai Istanbul
Saya pun!
From afar
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OK. Fine. I know that this fotopages has not been updated since Nov 2005 but that shows how long since we had a holiday (Dila not telling me that we actually have a fotopage is another excuse). Anyway - we finally got our long deserved holiday (going back to Malaysia for a week or two does not count as one!) Haha...considering we only planned our holiday a week before our trip - i have to say that it went extremely well. We haven't got much option though. This is my second visit to Turkey and since Dila liked it as well might not be the last. Although if Dila insist that we have to visit all the other countries around the world before we 're-cycle' our holidays - god knows when will that be !

Thursday, 24-Nov-2005 16:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Scotland trip

Depan dundee uni
Tgh cari umah lama..tak jumpa2
Depan fakulti lama abah
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It was long weekend holiday. We decided to head north.
Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee were the chosen place. Zul drove all the way.
On the first night we stayed at Am's house in Glasgow. thank you to Am and his family.
The next day we went to Dundee (tempat lama) and Edinburgh where we stayed in B&B. Very historical and fascinating place to visit...

Friday, 18-Nov-2005 16:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our beloved families

Mak and bapak!
Makan2 kat luar..
Depan fakulti Zul
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Both families did came to visit us in Burnley. at least , there are people from Malaysia yang sampai to this place. Burnley is located in east lancashire about 30 mintes drive from manchester. It is a small town with friendly people and most of all banyak kedai HALAL!!.. penting tuh.. Cost living in Burnley itself is not so expensive. As we are new comers, it is a strategic location for us to start our lives.
In Burnley jugak lah we knew Abg Nik and Kak Ina who are a close friend to us now. Everything is a blessing...

Thursday, 4-Aug-2005 15:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UK here we come!!

Baru nak bertolak
In the plan
dah sampai
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After 2 weeks got married, we flew to UK. I will be starting my job in Burnley General Hospital and Zul will pursue his masters in University of Manchester.
We were excited but nervous as not knowing what the future might bring. Semua berserah kepada Allah s.w.t
At this stage, i am so grateful to the Almighty as He has been so kind to us... giving the chance for us to build our lives kat tempat orang.. again... Alhamdulillah

Saturday, 9-Jul-2005 14:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Beginning Of A New Journey

ready to get down...
masuk dewan
bersanding and upacara merenjis
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Assalamualaikum, after a year settling down with my beloved husband, Mr Zulkifli Salim, i finally decided to start a fotopages of our own as life is too short but precious!
We cheerish every single moment we have gone through together , the good and the bad.
We were officially declared husband and wife on the 8th of July 2005 at Masjid Shah Alam. All the close family members and friends attended the ceremony.
The day after, the wedding ceremony took place in Shah Alam. The colour theme for that night was marroon colour. Shocking habis! I was so nervous yet so excited for the event. Feeling malu duduk depan orang ramai pun ada, malu pakai make-up tebal pun ada all sorts of feeling..undescribable!!
Then, the following week, sebelah Zul's reception kat Merak Kayangan. Blue was chosen for the colour theme. Almost all were blue including air minum and the flowers.
Overall, it was memorable moment for us ... Mr Zulkifli Salim and Mrs Nur Adila Mokhtar.


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